The Black Bag

Running over from the end of the class where I was sitting to my course mate,I sat on the chair next to him as I placed his school bag on my legs. Staring at the bag for a while,I said, precious Holy Spirit please teach me a lesson from this bag. It was a black leather-like bag with patches on the side(some parts of the bag peeled off). As I starred at the bag I asked my course mate-How old is this bag? He said to me,its about a year old. Its amazing how people tend to defend their actions even before you make your comment(He was already giving me reasons the bag looked that old/tattered). I discovered the bag was too good to be that tattered at less than one year. That was the lesson right there: There are people who are strong and passionate,vibrant and active,with so much beauty radiating from their inside out. But then situations in life may rise up,some beyond human control,some at the mercy of human that could make someone as good as that black leather bag become so tattered like one without purpose,or even direction. Now,here is the point :
 On meeting this individual or discovering this individual, you would be changing a life to believe in them once again and help them rise.
 The truth is, so many people have been crippled with their past.
Though there are strong willed people,everyone needs compassion. That's what makes you a true friend,that's what makes you a true leader, that's one way your light can shine.

Matt.5:16-In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

No matter the scars and heartbreaks,it doesn’t stop that person from being that vibrant one. Scars are products of courage. They are the results of strong hearts that have been broken yet healed up to function better.

  'You are enough to mend a broken heart.’

Never underestimate the influence of your little impact.You are enough to mend a broken heart.


  1. Yeah that is right. The only difference is that I strongly believe one can prevent painful experiences to a certain extent; people believe experience is the best teacher but I build on the opposite....

  2. Replies
    1. Its very true @tomyke,painful experiences can be prevented to a large extent,but come to think of it,is it possible to live your whole life without painful experiences?I think painful experiences are ineveitable but one can decide to live without regrets.

      Also,how about thinking of experience as positive?I mean positive experiences. #winks :)

  3. Nice write up you got there :) cheers my pastor !!!!! ☺☺πŸ‘Œ

  4. Nice write up you got there :) cheers my pastor !!!!! ☺☺πŸ‘Œ


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