Tuesday, 8 December 2015

World's AIDS Day.

World's AIDS Day.Marked every annually in 1st December.  I got to know about this day through a student Medical Association in my uni called 'EMSA' (European Medical Student Association). Somehow I got really interested in been actively involved this year in my own little way.

(Though this is coming a little late,its been hanging in my dashboard since 31stNov.)

Just a short overview of what its about:
Its that day of the year that had been set out since 1988 to raise an awearness on HIV and show support for people living with  HIV. Usually a theme is chosen for this campaign following consultation with UNAIDS,WHO and other agencies to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS.
Since 2011 the theme for World's AIDS Day has been 'Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero deaths from AIDS-related illnesses. Zero discrimination.

There's  this red ribbon thats used as a default sign of support:

I especially want to write about Zero discrimination. Discrimination is said to be a bias or prejudice resulting  in denial of opportunity,or unfair treatment regarding selection,promotion,or transfer.It is practiced commonly on the grounds of factors which are irrelevant to a person's competence or suitability.

I believe that every life(human) has to respected irrespective of their age,gender or race,including an AIDS patient.

You can make a decision to support someone living with aids if you ever meet them and make it one person less to getting to Zero(in discrimination).

You can change the mind of someone who is involved in discriminating.

To every AIDS patient out there,probably you have been rejected,discriminated in one way or the other,though I can't be there to physically show support and be a part of your love experience in this new journey but accept your present health state and face the future with a mind of writing a beautiful script of your life. I believe it very possible :), it  very possible. Only decide to rise above; I know its easier said than done,but take it one day at a time.

 'Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero deaths from AIDS-related illnesses. Zero discrimination.

Sunday, 29 November 2015


 'In the Journey of life,there are winding roads,
mountains wide and valleys low...'

These lines are  from a song I like so much-Called to be by Jonathan Nelson!-you should listen to it. :)

I came across this bible passage and I thought it was great I shared the beauty it brought to my soul...lol.

Romans 12:17-21(especially 21)AMP-
'Do not let yourself be overcome by evil but overcome (and master) evil with good.'

Though young(and learning) but yeah,I can say in life there are valleys and mountains. And they challenge your character,the very person that you are. The very core of your person! 

I have come to understand that the things that challenge us as children of God are to grow us. Every challenge you face as a child of God is a pointer to what you should handle through God's word/help. Talking about living above what would frustrate your emotions and person. People will always do stuff that seem evil or that you perceive as evil. But there's something here that intrigue me-you have a role to play in what happens to you. If you read that verse properly,it says, do not  allow yourself.

Its a conscious effort you make. You choose for yourself not to allow anyone to get life(peace) out of you! Like don't. Don't allow it! Meaning,its a call for you to rise above whatever could take your peace.
So you ask,How? Good question.
-Be sure you are not the issue.
-Sometimes people are frustrated and they tend to pour on others. So you want to be sure to give a listening ear,or an understanding heart(depending on the kind of relationship you have with the person).
-Never function without the Holy Spirit. He knows you and everyone around you. So he can give you wisdom to navigate. You know what I mean? :)

So yeah,you have the key to been joyful and at peace per time. You are strong like that  #winks. But that's the truth!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Feminism -Some say its to be FLAWLESS.
Personal is Politics-this is a term associated with feminism.
I find it really interesting.  :)

I had the privilege of giving a talk on feminism in my church at school. :) Yeah! Its a topic I had not paid so much attention to but found it really interesting as I prepared for the talk. I thought I should share what I got to understand.

I especially want to share things based on God's word or  rather how things should really be!

My definition of feminism from the several ones I read is basically: A movement that pushes the idea of equality among male and female on economic,political,social and cultural rights/basis.

A feminist advocates or supports the right and equality of women with men. They contend for women's right.

The whole movement on feminism arose basically because women had less rights compared to men in the society.

I realized there have been many waves of  feminism based on the different rights that was been fought for like:female education,better working condition,wives been allowed to work,ending discrimination,global issues like rape,incest,prostitution and cultural specific issues like female mutilation in some parts of Africa and middle east.

So,certain people,especially women had to stand up to fight for this.At that,feminism is not only about females, though the origin was due to females having less rights...Like men not always having to pay the restaurant bills (hehe!!)

Talking about our day to day life:

  • Wage Gap: this is mainly in the working sector-males having more pay than females under the same work conditions.
  • Rape Culture:where the guy can rape the girl but the girl better take caution not to be rapped. (Please,who does that?)
  • Taking a pause here,I want to  refer to this guy I like so much in the bible: Boaz. in Ruth.3:9-11- Boaz refused to have an intercourse with Ruth until,he redeemed her based on responsibility and culture.
  • Clothing:Ladies are taught to wear modest clothes so guys will not have 'impure thoughts'. Yet guys are not taught to know who they are in God well enough not to have sexual ties with ladies before marriage.
  • Virginity:'This is a lady's gift to her husband'. The stigma of  loosing your virginity is placed so much on ladies like guys are the only ones entitled to GRACE & MERCY.

Do you know Jesus was a 'FEMINIST'? : Jn 8:1-11(The woman caught in the act of adultery)

There was a term I came across that really stood out for me:

PERSONAL IS POLITICS= I can decide to do what I want to do with my BODY and there's nothing you can do about it. That's my POLITICS. 

Well,for this,I beg to differ,because,you can't expose all that should be kept under beautiful clothes and tell me you are being feminist! No!! That's just an insult on ladies;please! (I sound very angry right?)




FEMINISM is not FEMALES in control/overruling guys.
FEMINISM is not FEMALES been RUDE to guys.
FEMINISM  is not FEMALES just WEARING whatever they want (showing off your 'treasures')
FEMINISM is not BIGOTRY(stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed,belief or opinion that differs from ones own).

(oh yeah! :)).

First let me define two terms:
SUBMISSION- an act/fact of submitting to the power of another.
RESTRICTIONS-to limit,exclude to certain groups,to exclude members of a particular group or class.

To The Guys- There is this bible verse I would like to use

1Cor.14:34- the women should remain silent in the churches. They are allowed to speak,but must be in submission as Law says.

There is a difference between SUBMISSION  and RESTRICTION.

The fullness of a man comes from the helper who is free to be herself (all that God has called her to be). This is the reason a guy should not get intimidated but rather challenged by the weight of 'who' a lady may be.

Gala.3:28-There is neither Jew nor Gentile,neither slave nor free,nor is there male and female for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

There is no such word as Feminism in Christ Jesus.


To Miss Independence: You should stay in your lane and respect yourself and others. Ladies that snob/get rude- that's not love,that's not confidence that's insecurity!


God's love! God's love should be the center/source of our confidence/poise. Our heavenly Father's love should be the source of our confidence. You shouldn't care if the society says yes or no to a thing. You should first of all care about who God sees you as(LOVE EXPERIENCE).This who we are in Him and all that he has placed in your inside. This makes you begin to live the life He has called you to live with all confidence.

The difference between you dear and someone who is proud is that God's love guides you. To function with confidence and humility but not pride comes from an understanding of your source(God/Love). Anytime they may want to fall(get proud),the Spirit of God be like 'no son/daughter,I get the glory.' Praise Jesus.

So I don't have to be a politician or poet or pastor or whatever..I just need to know who God has called me to be and just be! Not invading anyone's space but walking in your lane. 

Not trying to 'prove any point'.

Talking about Spiritual gender- I can say guys are spiritual females????😃 lol. But yeah,we are the bridegroom of Christ. Hehe!! So in the household of faith,there's neither male nor female. There's only humans and God.

Let's talk about that song- 'Who runs d world?' Sure you've heard it somehow! It ain't girls! It's God. All the silver and gold belongs to him. All the treasures of the earth belongs to him. All the money,all the fame,all the glory,all the pleasure is from him,EVERY SINGLE THING is from Him. You know what? Everyone runs the world with God! You don't got God,you got nothing. Ladies without God run the world with some crack. Ladies without God get pleasure from other things Gods love that brings utmost satisfaction. So you wanna know who runs the world? GoDGoD!!  Where flawless is perfection,only the cross can make you flawless!

Can we just ...make it a better place,for the entire human race? Can we stop tearing each other down and know that we are equal in Christ? Our confidence comes from Christ and we've got to live the life God has called us to live.
The truth is when God is the anchor that holds,suicide will vanish,depression may come but the anchor that holds will hold you till you are out of it.(discussion for another day!)

Sunday, 25 October 2015


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Preview attachment IMG4F8C

It was one of those days in September (2015). I had this outfit on to class. I sure did feel good and confident in it :) .
I'm getting to class and couple of my group mate are amazed! (that expression between shock and cool). Yeah!

I've never really dressed in that kind of style before.😃....
As I walked down the street,I actually did think about people been surprised at my outfit for the day. But then,I thought,this may not be my conventional style but someone will see me and get very comfortable been his/herself. Why?- someone else can resonate with their style.That alone gave me some more confidence with every step I took.

Every other person is classy and elegant but you are bohemian 
Every other person is corporate but you are casual
Everyone seems to have it all figured out but you are lost.
Everyone seems to be short but you are tall
Everyone seems to be doing life big but you can't still place what God would have you do
Everyone this,everyone that, but you? NADA!(a Nigerian slang meaning nothing!)
Everyone is into slow songs but you are into rap
maybe you've had a past that  keeps hunting you
Everyone seem to #fit but you are a #misfit!
Yeah,you heard that right- a misfit.

Many think they don't fit in because they have a style different from the norm. The society, family,friends or even the church(I didn't say the Bible but church!) has painted the picture of who an 'IDEAL PERSON' should be. Well,maybe that ideal person really does exist but the only ideal you is you been you! You know what I mean? 

Talking about church;some think they don't fit in because church is for the holy and righteous;classy and elegant,good and perfect. Lol. So its one of two things;either they go to Church and don't feel it because they don't seem to fit in or they don't bother going because they think its not for their kind of person.The best way to be the best you is to be real to yourself and GOD! 

You think because of your style, God is not for you. The truth is God wants you to be yourself with him. He wants to show his glory through your kind of person. I need you to pause for a while and allow this sink.
Do you really think God would make you and then not be able to work with you? Think about it. Yes, there may be things that needs to be straightened out in you but it takes you  to allow God into your space for those things to really be straightened out.

You don't have to fit into what society says. You just have to fit into God's mould. God is only ready to work with you through your personality. He doesn't work from the outside in but the inside out.He framed  you after all.Be true to yourself and allow his love bring out the gold in you and remove the ashes.

God doesn't work on a cover up. God works on real people. He knew what he was doing when he gave you your kind of personality. Let God define you not society. Let your living not be to fit in to what may be conventional. Let the work of your maker in you be your reason for living. So you may be the liberation some other people need. Only God can really help and make you find your FIT in His earth.
You can only be all God has called you to be if you live from His view of you. 
Let God fix you and fit you!
Look you have been called out to stand out. So let it be! You really give the world a little more beauty with your difference. 
YOU WILL BE EVERYONE ELSE BUT YOU IF YOU LET EVERYONE ELSE BUT YOUR MAKER DEFINE YOU! So that you stand out for others to gaze upon God's glory through you.

Thursday, 15 October 2015


I'm so excited to share this with you. Today I did something different(13/10/15). I decided to go public with my faith. Sounds weird right?
 Not something someone may just decide to do-going out public! 
Actually this project was laid in my heart exactly one month less four days ago
 but for one reason or the other I could not get the message printed out. 

I remember my father making this statement while I  was way younger-’ 
Christianity is an individualistic race.’
Never really did make much sense to me until I thought for a moment,
what happens if I don’t have anyone to monitor my growth? 
What happens if I am not accountable to anyone?
 Would I still do what my heavenly Father requires of me?

Sometimes,we could get so carried away with knowing about
 something that we don’t apply what we know(generally). 
When it comes to our christian faith,we’ve got to be careful enough -to DO! - not just -KNOW!-
And then as a youth,I know this is one thing so many never want to do :). Yeah! I know! So many things running through our mind like-what will my friends say? or cool people don't do that;or stuff like that. You know what? If its a love walk you have with God,you're sure going to do it FOR HIM! 
Or maybe nah! ForYou. Check this out:

Roman 12:14- So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.(NIV)

Can you see what I am seeing here? Not my dad,not my mum,not my Pastor,not my friend,but  I! I will be the one to give the account. This account will be of myself. Meaning there are so many things I can do to make Jesus famous if I just give myself to it.

Ecc.12:13-14- ‘13 The conclusion, when all has been heard, is:
 fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person. 
14 For God will bring every act to judgment, 
everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.’(NASB)

Its what we do that matters to God. What we do with the things he has said to or given to us.
I believe that more than ever before,God wants us to share his love with others. He wants us to go radically outward and make people know they are loved. Everyone wants to know they are accepted irrespective of their past, present, weaknesses, failures or inadequacies. That's the message of God's love, yeah! :) ...for God so loved the world... you remember that line yeah? :)

So I decided to share this just to challenge you to #DIY- DoItYourself.
Maybe I should say -to encourage you- in-case you are already!
You will be amazed at the ideas you will have if you give it a thought.Trust me! 
So much of joy sharing this with people on the street and having people also interested in joining me... :)
So yeah,lets do this for the records! 

But in-case you as a person have not been able to get a hold on God's love for you, I just want you to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God is the only one who knew and accepted you right from your conception. If you'll give it enough thought and allow Him have His way, He'll give you a deeper touch and understanding of who He is.

Thanks Mayor for allowing me post this picture! #unashamed!

Sasha and her friends were so excited! :)

#Grow for yourself

Monday, 12 October 2015


We need GRACE. 
Everyone needs GRACE. 
GRACE sees beyond who you are at any point in time
GRACE shines light in your path
GRACE gives you a bigger picture of who you are
GRACE forgives
GRACE gives compassion 
GRACE accepts you just as you are
GRACE puts a smile on your FACE 
GRACE gives you a strength for your RACE
GRACE is a fuel to MOVE
GRACE presents as gentle as a DOVE
GRACE gives you a reason to STAND
Even when things are HARD

I dear you to forgive that person who hurt you
I dear you to say a nice word to someone
I dear you to put a smile on someone’s face
I dear you to give GRACE.

I know the giver of GRACE
I know the source of GRACE
Its Jesus!! 
You got him? Make him famous!
You've not got him? Just ask him to come into your heart baby!
He' been waiting for you!

Jn.12:47-And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.(KJV)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Treasure You Do Not See

Ever been to a restaurant that's entirely new? 
Well, with a familiar person, you would not feel embarrassed to be “local”~you know what I mean?

I met a friend yesterday evening who offered to take me out :). 
We went to this restaurant called ‘Da vinchi’ somewhere in the center of my city (Lviv,Ukraine). 
 Can you see that light brown 'stick-like' things hanging on that plate?
 It was a biscuit stick but neither myself or my friend knew it was. My friend actually took it out of her plate and placed it on a piece of tissue on the table.
I got curious at some point and tried breaking it. I just tried ooo ...hahaha!! Low and behold it was a biscuit rolled into stick. YEAH...you can guess what came next....we laughed like we were the only ones in the restaurant. 
That was how i got this topic for this piece...The treasure you do not see...#discovering the biscuit.
I believe there are so many treasures around us that we do not take note of or do not see. 
Talking about PEOPLE!
God has placed so much treasure in people. Every one has got something on the inside. You have something beautiful on the inside.

People might have made you feel unimportant or irrelevant, but hey, that's the same way my friend and I did to that biscuit. You had to see how my friend gave so much attention to that biscuit when she started eating it. She liked it so much...you don't want to know!
 So,(you want to see the smile on my face right now just for you) take this, you are important. I would say:
1) Take time out, exclude the distractions ,take a brake from those who don't think you are good enough, or who you think they think you are not good enough(sometimes, its not people thinking things, we are the ones you know?), a break from everything that has drained you. Spend some good time with yourself. Begin to list out the beautiful  [positive things about yourself. Spend gOOOOOOOOOOd time with yourself and you'll realize how much of treasure you carry on the inside. You know nothing changed the biscuits' consistency or substance or content.
So, nothing can make you less important.
2) Don't forget the 'God factor'. He gives you a clearer and beautiful picture of all the treasures you've got on the inside.

There's so much of treasure in you. :)

.... David in the Bible, even his dad thought he was shit! But you know the end of the story...

Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Black Bag

Running over from the end of the class where I was sitting to my course mate,I sat on the chair next to him as I placed his school bag on my legs. Staring at the bag for a while,I said, precious Holy Spirit please teach me a lesson from this bag. It was a black leather-like bag with patches on the side(some parts of the bag peeled off). As I starred at the bag I asked my course mate-How old is this bag? He said to me,its about a year old. Its amazing how people tend to defend their actions even before you make your comment(He was already giving me reasons the bag looked that old/tattered). I discovered the bag was too good to be that tattered at less than one year. That was the lesson right there: There are people who are strong and passionate,vibrant and active,with so much beauty radiating from their inside out. But then situations in life may rise up,some beyond human control,some at the mercy of human that could make someone as good as that black leather bag become so tattered like one without purpose,or even direction. Now,here is the point :
 On meeting this individual or discovering this individual, you would be changing a life to believe in them once again and help them rise.
 The truth is, so many people have been crippled with their past.
Though there are strong willed people,everyone needs compassion. That's what makes you a true friend,that's what makes you a true leader, that's one way your light can shine.

Matt.5:16-In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

No matter the scars and heartbreaks,it doesn’t stop that person from being that vibrant one. Scars are products of courage. They are the results of strong hearts that have been broken yet healed up to function better.

  'You are enough to mend a broken heart.’

Never underestimate the influence of your little impact.You are enough to mend a broken heart.